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What is Sikhya?

Sikhya is dedicated to creating engaging and accessible avenues for discovering, exploring, and nurturing the love for Sikhi. Our team of volunteers brings together experience in a variety of fields to create books, videos, toys, curricula for schools, and an online learning platform. From those just beginning to learn to those who are teaching others, there’s something for everyone.


Our mission is to inspire Sikhi in people of all ages, from all walks of life, wherever they are on their journey.


Our vision is to make the teachings and the messages of Guru Sahib accessible and engaging for all.

Who We Are

Sikhya Curriculum is developed by a team of experienced Khalsa School teachers in California. It provides an education program for those wanting to learn Gurmukhi and Gurmat from the age as early as Preschool or for higher grade students/adults who want to learn Gurmukhi, Gurmat, or Keertan at a faster pace. Learn more…

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Our goal is to make quality Gurmat education accessible to everyone and you can help.